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  • Allowing direct root login using SSH on Ubuntu
    By default, both root login and the root account are usually locked on the server due to security concerns. However, sometimes it may be necessary to have the root user ac
  • How to enable debugging in WordPress?
    Many times we've faced issues with the WordPress blog due to which we either get a blank page or error 500 or some other custom error but not the exact error which was sup
  • How to Enable the Quota on a drive/partition in Linux
    Many times it is required to enable the quota on a drive where there is mostly user data in order to check the size used by a specific user on the system. For that, we mus
  • Sample PHPMailer Script
    To enable SMTP AUTH in PHPMailer: First download the PHPMailer class file from the site phpmailer.sourceforge.net. Save it as a php-file in the same directory as yo

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