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Tag overview for: 'javascript'

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  • JavaScript vs HTML (some differences)
    JavaScript is a declarative language (it communicates intent). HTML is an imperative language (concerned with the look and how it is all rendered).
  • Directives in AngularJS
    Directives label DOM elements (much like CSS classes, attributes or element names). They allow AngularJS's HTML compiler ($compile) to associate certain behavior with the
  • AngularJS with Ruby on Rails - some notes
    AngularJS acts as the frontend, whereas Rails acts as the backend and provides the RESTful API. With JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, JSON is generally the language u
  • What is the difference between a DHTML page and an AJAX page?
    Both the DHTML and AJAX collection of umbrella technologies allow the user to make changes to the current page and for the current page to actually be updated - without th
  • Data binding - what is it?
    Data binding enables a connection between an application's GUI and the software's logic. This term is more commonly used when developing Java and JavaScript applications.

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