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  • HTML vs HAML - some differences
    1) HTML: random text HAML: %tag random text 2) For inner tags (please note: whitespace indentations here are meaningful in HAML, unlike in HTML): HTML: random text ? ? ? ?
  • JavaScript vs HTML (some differences)
    JavaScript is a declarative language (it communicates intent). HTML is an imperative language (concerned with the look and how it is all rendered).
  • Directives in AngularJS
    Directives label DOM elements (much like CSS classes, attributes or element names). They allow AngularJS's HTML compiler ($compile) to associate certain behavior with the
  • Dependency Injection in AngularJS
    AngularJS applications have no "main" method - dependencies drive the application forward. The view component (the DOM) is the main driver behind the application. The view
  • AngularJS with Ruby on Rails - some notes
    AngularJS acts as the frontend, whereas Rails acts as the backend and provides the RESTful API. With JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, JSON is generally the language u
  • XML vs HTML?
    XML does not do anything. It structures, stores and transports information. HTML affects how the web page is rendered to the end user. In XML you invent arbitrary tags, un
  • What does copyleft mean?
    "Copyleft" is a play on the term "copyright". It means that a work can be freely distributed and modified, and that the same applies to the modified versions of that work.
  • What is the difference between a DHTML page and an AJAX page?
    Both the DHTML and AJAX collection of umbrella technologies allow the user to make changes to the current page and for the current page to actually be updated - without th
  • What is the MVC framework?
    The MVC framework enables a new paradigm to web development. It is a benefit from the developer's point of view. The same application could of course be developed by this
  • How to increase/decrease the upload limit for PHP in the Windows 2003/2008/2008 R2 server
    We need to upload using the web interface on a PHP-based application sometimes. We have to set an upload limit by which we can allow a domain/directory to upload the file/
  • Web Access Control
    Sometimes, there is a situation where unusual traffic comes from a particular IP address or domain and this could make your domain's outgoing traffic usage high due to the
  • Cloud vs Conventional Web Hosting
    The cloud is considered to be the pinnacle of the hosting industry. It is assumed that the cloud virtualizes everything i.e. processing power, RAM, disk space. It is assum

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