Steps to Register a Domain Name

1. Visit
2. Under “Find your Domain Name” section enter your domain name and select domain extension
3. Press “Search Now” button.
4. System will show you result of your search. If the domain is available, you can select the domain by “Clicking on check box” and then you need to click on “Add To Cart” button to process domain registration. ( repeat the same steps, if you want to register multiple domain name, by clicking on ” continue shopping, if  not then press “Checkout”)
5. Here system will ask you to Login into your Customer / Reseller account ( if you have a login you may use the same or you can create a new login )
6. After Login into your customer account, system will ask you to select period of domain registration, (which is one year by default) then click on “Continue” button
7. Check and agree to “No SPAM policy” and Submit. System will display you Invoice details and payment options.
8. Use “Steps to pay for Domain registration” and complete the payment, your order will be executed only after system verify payment against the transaction.