Enterprise Class Mail Security

Some Accounts for 80% of mails.25% Malicious
attachemnet and phishing mails

  • Protection from forged free mails
  • Spam checks URI Content Protection


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JodoHost processes millions of emails everyday MailSecurity5D MailSecurity10D MailSecurity20D MailSecurity50D
Monthly Fee
Mail Scanned /month
Heuristic Spam Filters
Bayesian Filtering
Attachment Filtering
Archive Filtering
Spam Real-Time Blocklists
Quarantine Infected Files
Mail Bombing protection
Spam Image Analysis
Recipient Attack protect
Email Rate Limiting
Anti-Spoofing checks
Forged Sender checks
Spam URL Check
DKIM signing verification
SPF/RBL checks
DOS protection
Easy Administration
Privacy Protected Url
Multiple languages
Real-time Statistics
Instant Search Capability
Comprehensive Reporting
Senders whitelisting
Senders blacklisting

JodoHost Enterprise class Mail Security

JodoHost Mail Security will remove spam and viruses from incoming emails. Industry tested filters are applied, ensuring near ZERO spam in the mailbox. It filters all mailboxes associated with a domains. Clean emails are delivered to your mailboxes. Rest emails are marked spam and available for review. Filter can be trained to mark a spam email as clean whne needed. Each mail has complete header with spam rating and reason. It is not necessary for our Spam Filtering customer to have hosting with JodoHost. A simple MX record change at hosting provider is required. Filtered mails will be delivered to customer mailbox at any webhost.

  • FAQ
  • Which plan should I buy?

    JodoHost Mail Security filters incoming emails. Customer gets a neutral domain/url to admin Mail Security and see reports etc. This domain/url is privacy protected so that users will not that the service is provided by JodoHost. This is suitable for hosting resellers and companies who wants to manage their own spam filtering policies. Small plans are suitable for companies or individuals having multiple domains, while larger plans are suitable for resellers.

  • Why JodoHost Mail Security?

    JodoHost ensures that customer receives only those emails that mean business. It protects customer system from getting infected with virus. Each email is scanned through several filters and marked spam or clean, then delivered to right mailbox. It protects against fake message from your domain. JodoHost mail security helps customer save their time and money.

  • Why Mail Security with Jodo Web Hosting?

    JodoHost web hosting comes with email hosting. JodoHost mail servers handle millions of email every day. We have a team of mail server experts that make sure that customer email gets delivered to recipient. Team works round the clock ensuring no IP gets blocked and server works trouble-free. Customer can have unlimited mailboxes, within the space provided in the hosting plan. JodoHost Mail Security is an additional layer of mail filtering, which existing customer can avail by signing up for any of the above plans.

  • Why Mail Hosting?

    Fed up with unreliable mail service, mail not getting delivered to recipient, or more spam in mailbox than clean emails, go for JodoHost Mail Hosting. It provides additional layers of filtering along with reliable mail service. No worry, mail always get delivered. Customer can keep current web hosting company, our Mail Hosting just requires a MX record change. Customer gets a Mail Control Panel to add mail boxes and allocate storage space, configure various records. Mail can be received with POP and IMAP options in desktop client. Many clients options are available to access it through web.