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Virtual private hosting, or VPS hosting, is the best option to add the functionality of a dedicated server economically. Accounts are created in complete isolation from one another under the VPS software. Like shared hosting, accounts share the same server, but VPS accounts allow root access to install programs and applications that would not be available to other accounts.

We are proud to offer the most complete and highest valued VPS hosting packages with many useful features available anywhere on the Internet today. We offer plenty of space for you to store both: your main web page and any side projects you are working on, and enough bandwidth to deliver your website to thousands and thousands of visitors a month. Click here and find out all the features of VPS hosting services offered by our web hosting company.

Windows VPS Hosting Packages

Welcome to JodoHost - the fastest growing VPS server hosting company on the Internet! If you require uptime, performance and reliability JodoHost will provide you with flexible, low cost and professional VPS hosting solutions with a variety of useful features. Our inexpensive Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting services include all the necessary management tools: reliable customer support and secure equipment you can trust.

If you prefer to use ASP, ASP.NET or Cold Fusion with Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database then Windows VPS hosting packages are the right choice for you. Check out our feature rich Windows VPS hosting plans at affordable prices!

Linux VPS Hosting Packages

JodoHost can offer you the most reliable Linux hosting services for small and large businesses or for personal use. Our full-featured, quality and cheap Linux VPS hosting service is tailored to meet your entire hosting needs! Each Linux hosting plan includes our state-of-the-art Control Panel and comes with expert technical support.

Order now the powerful and cheap VPS hosting services by JodoHost - reliable web hosting provider that will satisfy your business and personal VPS server hosting needs.

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