Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

For most websites and online business needs shared web hosting is recommended. A business has to make a decision when performance of web application goes down. This means, web application has lived its life on shared servers, it needs to be moved to a dedicated server or a virtual server for better performance.

At JodoHost VPS is a better choice than a dedicated server Specially when virtualized server has superior hardware specifications. When some hardware fails, it is more easier to restore customer VPS over to another hardware node.

JodoHost uses many different server virtualization technologies. Some of these are Hper-V, Virtuozzo and PCS.

Microsoft has introduced Hyper-V technology. There has been stable improvements since its introduction in 2008. In Hyper-V, customer applications runs in complete isolation in Virtual Machines (VM) called child partitions. Hardware resources are virtualized. Request from Child partition for hardware resources is handled by application running in Parent partition.

JodoHost has been running Microsoft Hyper-V VPS for many years now. Our customers use these services to run both i.e. Windows as well as Linux applications.

Virtuozzo is virtualization technology of Parallels. Here customer applications runs in a container, which is aware of hardware resources. JodoHost has been using these technology since 2006. Customers on Virtuozzo are slowly been moved over to Parallels Cloud servers for better performance and scalability.

JodoHost installs applications ordered by customer on VPS. Once applications are installed and login details given to Customer, it becomes Customer´s responsibility to secure, configure, update their VPS. They are free to install any application that is legally permitted.

For those customer, who do not have technical skills to take care of their VPS or do not have time to manage it on 24x7, can opt for paid JodoHost Technical Support. JodoHost has highly qualified technical team with over 10 years of experience managing web server and data center. JodoHost has many support plans from full VPS management to one time support. Details can be found here