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Jodohost Website Builder simplifies the process of creating and managing websites and e-commerce businesses. Powered by the OpsPi Platform as a Service, this platform ensures that your applications run swiftly, securely, and seamlessly scale with your growing business needs.

Choose Jodohost Website Builder Plans today to effortlessly create, launch, and manage your website and e-commerce business.

JodoHost is serving end-users in 100 countries since 2002 BuildSite BuildStore BuildExpand BuildVPS
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200 Templates template BuildStart template BuildGrow template BuildExpand template BuildAgency
Contact Form Contact form BuildStart Contact form BuildGrow Contact form BuildExpand Contact form BuildAgency
Blog Posts Blog Posts BuildStart Blog Posts BuildGrow Blog Posts BuildExpand Blog Posts BuildAgency
Livechat by Livechat by BuildStart Livechat by BuildGrow Livechat by BuildExpand Livechat by BuildAgency
50 languages Support 50 languages BuildAgency 50 languages BuildGrow 50 languages BuildExpand 50 languages BuildAgency
Maps Plugins Maps Plugins BuildStart Maps Plugins BuildGrow Maps Plugins BuildExpand Maps Plugins BuildAgency
Responsive Design Responsive Design BuildStart Responsive Design BuildGrow Responsive Design BuildExpand Responsive Design BuildAgency
SEO Features SEO Features BuildStart SEO Features BuildGrow SEO Features BuildExpand SEO Features BuildAgency
Social Plugins Social Plugins BuildStart Social Plugins BuildGrow Social Plugins BuildExpand Social Plugins BuildAgency
Media Plugins Media Plugins BuildStart Media Plugins BuildGrow Media Plugins BuildExpand Media Plugins BuildAgency
Online Store Features
E-commerce E-commerce BuildStart E-commerce BuildGrow E-commerce BuildExpand E-commerce BuildAgency
Shopping Cart Shopping Cart BuildStart Shopping Cart BuildGrow Shopping Cart BuildExpand Shopping Cart BuildAgency
Product Properties Product Properties BuildStart Product Properties BuildGrow Product Properties BuildExpand Product Properties BuildAgency
Product Categories Product Categories BuildStart Product Categories BuildGrow Product Categories BuildExpand Product Categories BuildAgency
Stock Management Stock Management BuildStart Stock Management BuildGrow Stock Management BuildExpand Stock Management BuildAgency
Payment Methods Payment Methods BuildStart Payment Methods BuildGrow Payment Methods BuildExpand Payment Methods BuildAgency
1-Click Purchase 1-Click Purchase BuildStart 1-Click Purchase BuildGrow 1-Click Purchase BuildExpand 1-Click Purchase BuildAgency
Shipping Methods Shipping Methods BuildStart Shipping Methods BuildGrow Shipping Methods BuildExpand Shipping Methods BuildAgency
Local Taxes Local Taxes BuildStart Local Taxes BuildGrow Local Taxes BuildExpand Local Taxes BuildAgency

JodoHost Website Builder Hosting

With Jodohost Website Builder, you gain access to a wide array of features and options. Choose from a vast collection of over 200 templates, available in more than 50 languages, to customize your website to perfection. Enjoy the flexibility of selecting a Contact Form or an Online Store with Responsive Designs, enabling easy interaction with your customers. The platform also offers convenient one-click purchases and supports multiple payment options, providing a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.

Furthermore, Jodohost Website Builder includes essential features for managing your e-commerce operations. It covers local tax calculations, supports various product categories, and offers flexible Shipping Methods and stock management capabilities.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and boast a remarkable 99.9% uptime guarantee with all our Website Builder hosting plans.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which plan is best Which plan is best for me?

    All plans allows a customer to build website using site builder, or by using templates. The BuildSite plan is ideal for individuals who want to create their own website without requiring a store or e-commerce functionality. It has most of the functionality that a website would need. If you need a website with store and e-commerce functionality, the BuildStore plan is the perfect choice. For businesses that require multiple websites and/or stores to support their operations, the BuildGrowth plan is highly recommended. Lastly, the BuildVPS plan caters specifically to web design agencies that build and manage websites for their clients.

    BuildVPS allows to build unlimited starter websites with limited features i.e. only 22 Plugins, 10 MB and 3 Menus. Additionally it allows 35 full feature websites and/or stores.

  • Where to find Site Builder help? Where to find Site Builder help?

    Website Builders is a software that helps you build your website or online store. It is tested and proven in production use over a number of years. We have provided help documents and a demo to use its features. In case you are unable to use some features or getting unexpected errors, please open a support ticket. Also visit following links for help:
    1. Website Builder user video.
    2. Website Builder documentation.

  • Can I get refund or free days? Can I get refund or free days?

    We have 30-day money back guarantee on all plans except BuildVPS which has partial refund. Cancel within 30-days and get refund.
    If you are unable to complete your complex website in 30-days time, take advantage of free promotional offer to complete it. However, there will be no refund during promotional month or after, regular monthly fee will apply.
    There is $15 service charges for BuildVPS plan. Partial refund will be made after deducting these charges.

  • Can you build my complex website? Can you build my complex website?

    Website Builder is a easy to use software. If you do not have time, we can help. We have a web development team that charges $ 18 an hour. Share your website contents. Using Website Builder, this team can complete your website in 10-30 hours in most cases.

  • Where is the list of all supported plugins? Where is the list of all supported plugins?

    1. Line 2. Button 3. Form 4. Menu 5. Languages 6. Blocks 7. Skype 8. Banner 9. Adsense 10. Calender 11. HTML 12. Table 13. Zendesk 14. Olark 15. 16. Countdown 17. Count Up 18. Blog 19. GetButton 20.Smartarget Whatsapp 21. Slider 22. Tabs 23. BookingMood 24. Fans 25. Like 26. Share 27. VK 28. Twitter 29. OK 30. Class 31. Comments 32. Pinterest 33. Instagram 34. Telegram 35. Store 36. Shipping Cart 37. Paypal 38. SKrill 39. PayU 40. 2Checkout 41. AliPay 42. Stripe 43. IOKassa 44. Pagseguro 45. Paysera 46. PayUmoney 47. WM Button 48. QM WIdget 49. Ecwid 50. Baokim 51. Lyzico 52. PayFast 53. LiqPay 54. MercadoPago 55. 56. Mollie 57. Assist 58. Robokassa 59. Click 60. Redsys 61. Epsilon 62. 63. Braintree 64. DragonPay 65. Payme 66. BePaid 67. Paytrail 68. 69. Bank Transfer 70. Cash on Delivery 71. WebPay 72. Klarna 73. Paymentez 74. Mellat 75. Libelula 76. Expresspay 77. Epayco 78. Choose Template 79. Change Template 80. Reset Template 81. Preview 82. Publish 83. Import 84. Backup/Restore 85. Undo/Redo 86.Copy/Paste Elements 87. Favicon 88. Page Structure 89. SEO 90. Responsive 91. Alignment 92. Background 93. Script 94. Styles 95. Cookie Policy 96. Size 97. Spacing 98. Visibility

  • What are the hardware specifications?What are the hardware specifications?

    At JodoHost a physical server runs many virtual private servers. Customers application runs on these virtual private server. A physical servers generally have two or more 2.6 to 32.GHZ CPU. Each CPU has 8 or more cores. Local storage use RAID configuration with 6 to 24 hot-swappable enterprise-grade disks. A typical JodoHost server has 128 GB or more RAM.

  • Who supports myWho supports my Site Builder?

    It is your responsibility to delete, change contents of the website and/or store build using website Builder. The role of JodoHost's support is only to completely restore all websites and/or stores that run on the server, in case of server failure. We do not login to your website and/or store to investigate issues unless you authorize us. There will be charges, if the issue is found to be not caused by the website builder usage.
    JodoHost has a highly qualified team of experts which can help you troubleshoot your website and/or store for a fee. Our team can be hired for a one-time issue or to completely manage your website/store.

  • What if I needWhat if I need to move my website or scale it?

    All your website files and data is within your domain folder. However if you need to move it to other web host, it may not work. We have a development team which can rebuild your website from the website data to run on other web hosts or on cloud, and to make it scalable.

  • Can I try JodoHost Web Can I try JodoHost Web Hosting before paying?

    We do not offer a trial period for our Site Builder plans. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you do not like JodoHost for any reason, your refund is processed within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation request. There will be $15 service charge for BuildVPS plans, which will be deducted from total refund.

  • Does JodoHost provide anyDoes JodoHost provide any guarantee for quality service?

    Your online business website runs on JodoHost's Cloud high performance servers. Our in-house technical team works 24x7x365 days to ensure you the success you deserve. We are so confident of our Web Hosting service that we guarantee it with a SLA of 99.9% uptime.

  • Where is JodoHost's Cloud infrastructureWhere is JodoHost's Cloud infrastructure located?

    All of our Cloud Servers are located in a Data Centers in the US. JodoHost's Web Hosting Service is provided through our company APYL Inc. USA.

  • Which payment methods does JodoHost Which payment methods does JodoHost accept?

    We accept all major credit cards through Stripe, PayPal or Authorize.Net, a secure payment gateway. The credit card is charged automatically every month unless the customer cancels their web hosting services.