Managed Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

In Web Hosting, managed hosting has different meanings as configuring and running applications become more complex. Traditionally shared web hosting is considered as managed hosting. Here a customer host their website or web application and everything is looked after by Web Hosting Company. However on a shared server, demanding applications cannot run without affecting other applications. When a customer has such an application to host, natural choice goes to VPS hosting. VPS hosting come with string attached. It gives more power for the cost, but most critical is how to manage VPS. Managing a VPS is not the same thing as using one´s PC or Laptop.

On internet VPS has to be protected from all kind of vicious attacks. In addition applications become for prone to hackers because as VPS customer do not have same amount of technical knowledge which a Web Hosting Company has in terms of securing hosting environment. Thus VPS hosting can also be managed by Web Hosting Company.

Shared Web Hosting

JodoHost shared web hosting allows customer to run their web applications on Cloud Linux or Windows platform. Many customers share the same server. JodoHost load the server only so much that even during peak usage performance of website and application do not degrade.

JodoHost provides a Web Hosting Control Panel to shared hosting customers. This control panel help them install and configure their websites and applications. Control Panel helps customer to connect their application with databases like MS SQL, MySQL and others. It also has Mail Manager to create mailboxes and assign storage space.

JodoHost provide two kinds of Control Panels with their shared hosting. These are Plesk and H-Sphere. Plesk Shared Web Hosting is a single server based installation.

In Plesk Web Hosting all the Web Hosting Services runs on the same server. This helps in running the websites and applications faster. JodoHost Plesk Web Hosting plans are generally suitable for websites needing larger resources.

H-Sphere is cluster based Control Panel. Here various services are spread over different servers. A typical JodoHost H-Sphere cluster includes DNS, Control Panel, Mail, Database and Web services running on different servers. When a web, database or mail server reaches optimal load, a new server is added to the H-Sphere Cluster to support more customers. JodoHost H-Sphere Web Hosting plans are suitable for customer needing to host many websites in a single plan, each needing small space compared with Plesk web Hosting.

In JodoHost Shared Web Hosting where all aspect of server and applications run on it are installed and maintained by JodoHost technical staff. Customer can generally allowed to run off the shelf standard applications applications on JodoHost shared servers. Customer can generally install customized applications on JodoHost shared servers as well, however server permissions can be granted after careful review of JodoHost technical staff.