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Managed hosting service is very similar to dedicated hosting, but you get more services and more technical support. The reliable web hosting provider JodoHost will watch over your server, troubleshoot problems, perform backups, etc. Managed web hosting package includes a dedicated server accompanied by a full suite of technical support, monitoring services; this differs from dedicated hosting services.

Whether you do not have the expertise to operate a server in-house or you simply wish to outsource your hosting requirements to a professional managed hosting provider, you have come to the right place. JodoHost is the expert managed web hosting company that provides the low cost website hosting solutions. We invite you to browse our managed hosting packages and offer you to find out more about the features that are included in each hosting plan.

Managed Hosting Service is an Ideal Solution if:
  • you're running an online store that supports a high and constant level of traffic;
  • your e-commerce website is your primary source of revenue and needs highly professional and custom oriented 24x7 technical support;
  • you have inadequate resources to provide support in a timely way, on all hardware, software, and network functionalities;
  • you can't focus on business issues and keep your dedicated servers up and running at the same time.

Managed hosting packages range in complexity from multiple devices: business hosting and single server shared hosting solutions. Our unlimited managed hosting support, which comes standard on every ecommerce hosting and dedicated hosting solution, gives you peace of mind without the expense of hiring an administrator.

Managed Hosting Services by JodoHost

Managed hosting services provided by JodoHost will save you time and reduce complexity compared to self-hosting. Managed hosting provider allows you to stay focused on your core competencies - serving your customers and building your business. Make the smartest decisions ever, sign up for the affordable managed web hosting plans, choose our company as your reliable and low cost managed web hosting provider.

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