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High availability SQL hosting is a must for mission critical applications such as e-commerce websites and other business applications. SQL server is one of the most widely used database engines available today. SQL server is designed to let you build any type of Internet application.

If you are looking for fast, safe and reliable SQL hosting solution, we have the perfect option for you. JodoHost offers you professional SQL web hosting services with unmatched customer support and reliability.

Cheap SQL Hosting Packages by JodoHost

JodoHost offers Microsoft SQL as the most advanced application currently available for creating and administering a database. SQL server 2000 is the industry standard high-performance, reliable, scalable database solution for all of your Internet and e-business needs. Our powerful Windows 2003 servers provide full support for MS SQL allowing you to fully integrate this database solution into your website.

SQL server hosting is the perfect choice for handling your e-commerce website. Microsoft SQL is capable of hundreds of thousands of transactions per day and is a widely used database in corporations requiring large, high-use databases coupled with high reliability. If you're looking for reliable and cheap SQL hosting services, JodoHost will definitely help you. At JodoHost you will find the feature-rich and affordable SQL hosting plans for your personal or business needs!

You can always rely on JodoHost and be sure you are getting the top-notch SQL server hosting service and support you need. Choose our affordable SQL web hosting services and enjoy all the benefits of our hosting network and advanced technical expertise.

Whether you are small or medium-sized businesses, we have the right SQL server hosting solution for you. We offer a variety of hosting packages, with different platforms, features and customizations, tailored specifically for you.

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