Reseller Step-by-Step Guide

3 - DNS Zone propagation

Step 1: Creating Name servers

Once you have created your name servers in the Control Panel, you will have been assigned unique IP addresses for each of them

In order for your name servers and DNS zone to work, you must create these name servers with the Domain Registrar you have registered your dns zone domain with. Most domain registrars provide some provision to allow you to create your own name servers with them. Please contact them or read their Help guides to find out how. You can find flash tutorials on how to create your own name servers with several registrars here. If you registered your DNS zone domain with us as your registrar (from - this is recommended), click on "Child Name servers" for your domain to create the name servers

In the case above (if was your DNS host name), you'd have to create all the listed name servers for at your domain registrar, pointing to each of their corresponding IPs. i.e. > > > >
(your actual IPs may vary)

Once you have created the name servers at your domain registrar, you must then point your DNS Zone domain to its authoratative DNS servers so your server aliases (such as would work. If you are performing this setup after August 6, 2005, your authoritative DNS servers would be ns3 and ns4. Hence you'd need to set the name servers of at your registrar to: ( (

If you created your DNS Zone before or on August 6, 2005, your authoritative DNS servers would be ns and ns2. Hence you'd need to set the name servers of at your registrar to: ( (

Once you complete these steps for your DNS zone host name, you'd have to wait upto 72 hours for DNS zone propagation to complete
Step 2: Verifying your DNS zone

Once you have waited 72 hours for your DNS zone to propagate, you'll have to verify that you can "ping" your name servers as well as server aliases. If your DNS host name were, try pinging to see if your DNS zone has propgated correctly. If you have not yet waited 72 hours, please skip this step and the next step and come back here once you have waited 72 hours.

In Windows, Click on the "Start" Button and then click Run.
Type in (where is replaced with YOUR DNS host name)

Click the OK button. If you see a screen like below where is resolving into an IP, your DNS zone has propagated properly

If you do not see a screen like this and instead, the Window closes immediately or you get "Host cannot be found", then your DNS zone hasn't propagated correctly and you should contact [email protected]

You can also use this method to ping and check your name servers and other server aliases (,,, etc.) If anyone of them doesn't resolve into an IP, contact [email protected]

Step 3: Changing your Control Panel's URL.

After DNS zone propogation has been completed and you can ping (where is replaced by your DNS host name), you must follow these steps to make your control panel actually work. If your DNS zone has not propagated yet (if you have not waited 72 hours), please skip this step and move to the next. You can come back to this step when propagation is complete

Login to your reseller account like before from the CP url sent to you in your Welcome email:

After logging on, you should see a screen like this:

From the "Info" menu, select "Change URL"

1) Protocol is http:// and NOT https:// (Use HTTPS only when CP SSL is enabled - refer to Support Manual)
2) Given control panel url is (where is replaced by your DNS host name)
3) Port is 80 and NOT 443. Use 443 with CP SSL

Once done, click "Change". You'll be taken back to the same screen.

Now you can access your control panel from (where is replaced your DNS host name). You can now directly use to login into your Administrative Account. Just enter the username and password you entered while creating the Administrative Account.
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