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Started in 2002, Jodohost has become a solid contender in the Reseller Hosting industry. Operating out of New Delhi, India with servers located in Florida, Jodohost offers an extensive feature list, high-quality hardware, and excellent support. The feature list that Jodohost provides their reselling accounts is quite extensive. Windows and Redhat Linux operating systems are both included with all reseller packages. Both operating systems are supported by numerous technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET,


Gives JodoHost 5 Stars!

This month our team of web developers at ResellerConnection conducted an in depth review of JodoHost and their Reseller plans and services. Let us start the review by saying they passed all of our tests with ease. They are a professional run company headed by a former engineer and it shows in their attention to details and perfection. We strongly recommend this company for Reseller Hosting!

Customer Testimonials


Statesboro, GA 30461

Quite responsive and fixed my problem.

Matthew Maserati

Australia www.neomondo.net

I just want to say thank you for you assistance with my clients issues. I have been a reseller for many years with you and this is why I stay. I have been offered to leave many times but I enjoy the one to one feel I receive and am not just treated like a number in a queue .
Thank you again


Australia Travel Insurancehttp://www.australiatravelinsurance.com.au

Just wanted to say thanks for the exceptional customer service you offer with your hosting. All your support staff have been a pleasure to deal with. Quick answers and fixes to any issues I have had while migrating my sites onto the servers. I recommend this hosting to anyone who wants Windows hosting that is excellent value and really well run. Cheers and have a great New Year

Denon Perry

CTS Internet Serviceshttp://www.ctsinternet.net

I wanted to take a moment to compliment as few people take the time to do so. Many take the time only to voice their frustrations. While I have, myself, had a few frustrations in the past, and have voiced my concerns, I believe in taking the time to also give credit where credit is due.
When ever I've had an issue with the services on Jodohost, your technical support department has always been very quick, professional, and VERY knowledgeable in what it is you do. When comparing your company to others I've used in the past, the JodoHost group of support and customer service representatives have far surpassed all others. Your people resolve issues quickly and never pass the problem to the customer. When servers need to be rebooted, you reboot. When there is an issue with a website, you resolve them.
Having been in business and needing reseller hosting for 10 years I've used many hosts in the past. Some of the hosts that I've used in the past damaged my reputation and caused me to lose clients. JodoHost, with the reliability and stability, has helped me restore my good name to the customers I retail. Thank you for all you do!

Eric Schrader

Founder of eLime Design Studiohttp://www.elimedesign.com

I switched to JodoHost in July of 07 with a recommendation from a friend. I had no clue what JodoHost's services or support were like. I took a gamble and signed up for a Windows Value VPS plan. The first night I used my VPS I had already submitted 2 support tickets with questions. Later that night I had a reply from support (under 60 mins). I have never had a host that replies to support tickets so fast!!! From day one I was impressed with JodoHost and their support. To this very day their support team is by my side with all my questions and they stay with me until I am satisfied or less confused. Out of the 4 web site hosts I have had since 2003, JodoHost is the first one I don't regret signing up with. I would recommend JodoHost to everyone! If you want a web host with awesome support and that will stay by your side from day one choose JodoHost.

Francisco Moreira


Our company manages servers located in 4 data centers just to offer SpamPoison.com free service. However, to host our new Web site SpamDailyNews.com we selected JodoHost to provide the hosting services and Crystaltech to act as "hostel" (failover option). JodoHost feature powerful and scalable Web hosting solutions, generous space and bandwidth allotments, ultra fast servers, dependable uptime, helpful and friendly tech support, and cost-effective pricing. The H-Sphere control panel that's included with each of their packages is perfect for maintaining total control over our Web sites. We have been extremely satisfied with their professionalism, dependability, and quality of support. Our Web site has been consistently reliable

Nathan Pascoe

The Corfu Travel Guide � Agni Travel www.agni.gr

The Corfu Travel Guide is a demanding website requiring large server resources and high bandwidth. Our main forums use a 200MB MS SQL database and is often accessed by up to 10,000 visitors per day. For the last 2 years, Jodohost has proven that they can provide a cost effective hosting solution, coupled with excellent customer support. We look forward to them handling our continuing future business growth

Andy Gilchrist


Thank you very much can i just say you are the most competent company i have ever come across. The support compared to other hosting companies is amazing and untouched, there is nothing this company cannot do. The hosting packages are great value and i could not recommend enough. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

Patrick Oborn


The internet is full of web hosting companies. Searching for the right one is difficult, as most offer very similar services. What differentiates JodoHost is its service. We moved 12 very popular sites to JodoHost and we experienced some unusual transitional problems with our code. The tech at JodoHost, Stephen, stayed up until 2 AM his time assisting my team with the debugging process until all of our sites were purring like kittens. That level of service is almost non-existent on the web today. He has always made himself available for assistance several times since then, further confirming our decision to move to JodoHost.

Josiah Hooten


I have just moved all of my hosting (35 sites) to JodoHost, and in addition to having more control over my hosting I am saving $150.00 per month in hosting fees. The support from JodoHost has been second-to-none, with fast and helpful responses from your wonderful tech support team, and the servers have been fast and very reliable. Thanks JodoHost

JC Hendee

www.NobleDead.com www.Orthodox-TJQ.com

As a retired IT web programmer, I've worked with many hosting services for clients. Their prices are some of the best around. Even if/when a problem pops up, the staff handle it so fast, it's as surprising as the quality and quantity of service for the price. You cannot go wrong by at least giving them a try at hosting your site. If you find a less expensive hosting service, 10 to 1 you won't get as much from them as you'll get from Jodohost.com

Randy Ford

Braddock Bay Raptor Researchwww.bbrr.org

From day one Jodohost.com has provided excellent service at a price that is very competitive. There have been zero problems, and in my book, that is the bottom line. In the relatively short time we;ve used them, they have already provided a free upgrade to the hosting plan to stay competitive. I chose them because of their communication via the customer forums, I am staying with them because of excellent customer service. Disk space is disk space and a network connection is a network connection, it's the little things that matter and they do them right.

Philip Patrick


Well, I have a lot of good things to say about JodoHost, but I'll try to not make you tired from reading. First of all - the price. It is really reasonable, not high, but again, when I hear word "cheap", I think that it might be not good. I was very pleased to find out that I was wrong here. JodoHost features (I personally interested in ASP.NET and MS SQL) are just great. Support.... I haven't seen such good support and response times with other companies. Never ran into problem that haven't been solved within 24 hours (actually it was always fixed in maximum 3-4 hours). And once I had my site and database configured as I wanted to, had no problems at all. At the beginning I was afraid that support will not stay the level it was when I joined, but I was wrong again. Database servers as well as web servers are well loaded - I've seen companies that host a lot of web sites on same machine, overloading it. In short - good price, excellent support, a lot of features and a high speed, what else do you need?

Doug Snyder


I have been with JodoHost for over a year and have found that they make every attempt to resolve any problems as fast as possible. They listen to every request and have installed server side components based on these requests. It's amazing that JodoHost can offer such great service for such a great price. Keep up the good work

Jean Sylvain


Installing my applications on Jodohost servers was painfree thanks to the excellent support staff. Fast servers, good service, good price who can ask for anything more?

Keith Taylor


I have been using JodoHost for about 2 or 3 weeks now and there service is incredible. I have gone from having a non-professional website hosted by my ISP to a professional looking website with its own registered domain name. The process was extremely fast and easy. My site was on the web the first day, their hosting control program is very easy to learn and the help files are great. They also offer domain registration services so getting a registered website name is a seamless process. To add to the benefits of the help files there is also a message board with loads of past posts and a great interface for asking new questions. The people that respond to the board are very knowledgeable in every aspect of web development. I have gotten help on site layout, color schemes, ASP.NET code.... The list goes on. You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned anything about their prices, well just search around on the net and the answer to that question will be OBVIOUS!! I would recommend JodoHost to anyone, from a small personal website to a large E-commerce site.

Amin Sadeghi


I want to thank you bcz of excellent support.. I'm so satisfied with my lovely hosting company.. I even tried to connect to the MSSQL database through VS.NET and it worked.. I Love JodoHost.com!!

Ryan Burley


By nature, I'm a compulsive bargain hunter. To some people, that means I like cheap stuff. To me, that means I expect nothing but the best, and I expect to get the best possible price. I searched for a host that met my needs, that had a good reputation for over 2 months. I finally decided on JodoHost.com and I haven't regretted that decision ever since.

Chris Wise


I have been very pleased to work with Jodohost. I have a reseller account and a normal hosting account through them and I couldn't ask for any better service. Their tech support is always quick to respond and work with me when I've had problems in the past. I'll definitely continue to work with them in the future and reccomend them to anyone who is concidering having a website hosting. Keep up the awesome work!!.

Sanjay Kanade


Frankly, I switched to JodoHost for their attractive price-features balance. However, I must say that I am impressed with the features available to manage the site, especially easy control of multiple domains, subdomains, and forwards, all in one place

Wynne Davies


I originally found Jodohost by word of mouth on the net with fantastic comments of reliability and confidence. I decided to take the plunge and move from my provider to Jodohost with these comments taken with a pinch thinking Jodohost may turn out just like the rest unreliable and not giving a service it advertised. However Jodohost has proved me wrong and trust has been restored. The service is highly commended and down time not noticeable, with all the features available across the packages not penalising you by removing features for you having lesser package. The ease of the site control pannel helps in the running of your site giving you more features like osCommerce Shopping Cart. Jodohost are always looking to improve there service and keep up with the competition without passing on the cost or loss of service in other areas. I recommend Jodohost and hope to have meanly more happy and trouble years with them

Roy Vandersteen


As a new member of the Jodo host community, I wish to express my thanks and praise for the great service, facilities and pricing offered by your company. Your package far exceeds what I have erxperianced previously. Keep up the fine work

Jose Casal

iCost CEOwww.icost.us

I have almost two years hosting my site www.icost.us at jodohost and I'm a 100% satisfied with the service. Any time I have a support issue I get immediate and effective response by Yosh or any other member of the support team. Besides they have the best equation hosting plans / price you can find in the market



Definetally one of better companies I have been dealing with. Extremelly fast tech support replies, can't be beaten. Again, prompt replies, straight to the point - these guys know what they're doing. Hosted www.cdnauto.org with jodohost.com for couple of months - will definately be back shortly. I was very impressed with their set up of the site and ease of use

Brian Barsalou


A1 service! I've got a fairly large operation, and like anything there will be little 'hiccups' every now and then. I've used several hosting facilities and I find Jodohost tops in attitude and sticking with it until the problem is solved. Keep up the great work!

Gary Griffiths

Direct Impression Designdirect-impression.net

I am extremely happy with the service I have received from Jodohost. Each time I have had a problem, I have quickly received a response from customer support. The tools provided to administer the account are second to none, and all this at an incredibly low price. I would recommend Jodohost to anyone.

Ahmed Fahmy


I am hosting with jodohost 6 e-commerce sites, the service is fine and I am satisfied, and I recommend them to my friends. As a webmaster I am looking for the uptime and customer support and both are excellent. I shall be hosting more sites with jodohost , I forget to say that the hosting plan prices is as good as their services."


Customer chose to withold publishing of domain

Jodohost has work hard to provide execlent services to its customers. My satisfaction is 101%. They did very well and even the best, with a very small price. Thanks Jodo, You are the BEST, ever!!.


Customer chose to withold publishing of domain

We, at softcell solutions started with a shared hosting account with some good hosting. As we added more and more sites of our own and more clients asked us to provide hosting we knew that we needed a good reseller hosting - not to sell hosting but to host dozens of our own and client sites. Initially we tried many hosting services for this but we had to switch after every one or two months. Now we have been with jodohost for the last seven months and dont intend to switch anymore. The attitude of support team, response time and round the clock phone support will make you stick with them

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